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(2019 Summer Training) Three-foot podium Yutao Li chalk chalk spring and autumn-our school held 2019 summer teachers' class observation and evaluation activities
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Three feet podium A chalk spectrum spring and autumn

          我校举行 2019 年暑期教师录课观摩及评课活动 ——Our school holds summer teachers' class observation and evaluation activities in 2019

水课 ”“ 念课 ,打造高阶性、创新性和具有挑战度的 好课 ”“ 金课 7 9 8 点,我校在 1 211 报告厅举行 2019 年暑期教师录课观摩及评课活动。 In order to strengthen the quality consciousness of teachers in our school, the low-level and obsolete " water lessons " and " learning lessons " will be gradually phased out to create high-level, innovative and challenging " good lessons " and " golden lessons " , July 9 8 Point, our school held the 2019 summer teachers' class observation and evaluation activities in the lecture hall 211 . The meeting was chaired by Tian Zhiyuan, the director of the Academic Affairs Office, and Professor Sun Hanwen, the teaching consultant, Zhang Wei, the executive principal, Shao Zhenhe, the vice president, Han Mengjin, the vice president, the deans of the secondary colleges (departments), the deputy deans of teaching, and all the full-time teachers of our school. Participated in this event.

2019 3 月初在全校范围内启动,由校教学督导组、一线优秀教师组成录课评审小组,以我校录课质量标准为指导,共完成了三轮录课工作。 The course registration work was started in the whole school in early March 2019. The course review team was composed of the school's teaching supervision group and first-line outstanding teachers. With the guidance of the quality standards of our school, three rounds of course registration work were completed.

During the course of three rounds of recording, a number of outstanding teachers have emerged from the secondary colleges (departments). Their infectious teaching style, friendly and natural teaching style, and professional and fluent teaching methods have won a wide range of judges. Praise and praise. 7 名优秀教师,采用教师自我说课和评委点评相结合的方式进行。 Seven outstanding teachers were selected from this activity, which was conducted by a combination of teachers 'self-speaking lessons and judges' comments. From Zhou Shaoyan of the School of Economics, Feng Juan from the School of Engineering and Technology, Huan Yu from the School of Arts and Foreign Languages, Jia Wei and Yu Shanshan from the Teaching Department of Basic Courses, Du Zhongwen from the School of Earth Sciences and Resources, and Wang Pei from the School of Management Science and Engineering. The four aspects of curriculum strategy and teaching method expound their own curriculum design, each with its own characteristics. In addition, the teachers also shared their problems and solutions in the video recording. It can be seen that although the teachers are familiar with the road on the podium, they are still learning and exploring in the face of the camera. Subsequently, professional judges made in-depth comments on each teacher's lectures from the aspects of curriculum design, teaching skills, teaching content, video processing, etc., pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of the recorded teachers, and answered questions for some teachers. Progressive layers allow more teachers to reflect on their deficiencies and perplexities in teaching, and point out the direction for future teaching.

, 挖掘推举好教师、好课堂、好课例,总结推广经验;使我校的课堂教学真正能做到感染学生的情绪、激荡学生的思维、点燃学生的思想、敲击学生的灵魂! In the end, Director Tian Zhiyuan concluded that the teachers of our school had a new understanding of their teaching situation through self-contrast and self-summarization. They also clarified the focus of self-improvement and took this as an opportunity to practise basic teaching skills. Teaching units continue to conduct in-depth classroom follow-up investigations , excavate and recommend good teachers, good classrooms, and good lessons, and summarize the promotion experience; so that the classroom teaching of our school can truly infect students' emotions, stir students' thinking, ignite students' thinking, Strike the soul of students!

教学质量工程 项目,通过今天的观摩与展示,必将为广大教师启发思考、开启智慧、发展思维,为今后教师录课带来质的飞跃,为我校积累优质视频课程资源,创建精品开放课程奠定良好的基础。 As a " teaching quality engineering " project that our school will adhere to for a long time in the future , through the observation and display of today, teachers will certainly inspire thinking, open wisdom and develop thinking for teachers, and bring quality to teachers' course recording in the future. Leap, laying a good foundation for our school to accumulate high-quality video course resources and create excellent open courses.

(Summer training in 2019) Three-foot podium Yutao Li A piece of chalk spring and autumn-our school will hold 2019 summer teachers' class observation and evaluation activities

Wang Pei, a teacher of financial management in the School of Management Science and Engineering, is giving a lecture

(Summer training in 2019) Three-foot podium Yutao Li A piece of chalk spring and autumn-our school will hold 2019 summer teachers' class observation and evaluation activities


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