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(2019 Summer Training) Using Old Bands and New Pairs to Help Create an Outstanding Teachers' Team-Our School Holds the Second Teacher Pairing and Helping Effect Check Competition
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Old with new Pairing Building Outstanding Teacher Teams

我校举办第二届教师结对帮扶效果检查评比大赛 ——Our school holds the 2nd teacher pairing assistance effect check competition

2019 7 11 日上午 8 点,我校在 1 211 报告厅举办第二届教师结对帮扶效果检查评比大赛。 In order to standardize the management of pairing assistance for teachers and check the effect of assistance , at 8 am on July 11 , 2019 , our school held the 2nd Teacher Pairing Assistance Inspection and Evaluation Competition in the No. 211 lecture hall. The competition was hosted by Director Tian Zhiyuan of the Academic Affairs Office. Sun Hanwen, the teaching consultant, Zhang Wei, the executive principal, Yu Yibo, the executive vice president, the president of the secondary college (department), and the teaching supervisor acted as judges of the competition. All the full-time teachers watched and studied together. .

2015 年初,我校印发了《中国地质大学长城学院教师结对帮扶工作实施方案》,在学校领导的大力支持下,我校教师积极参与,已累积形成帮扶百余对,囊括新老教师二百余人。 Since the beginning of 2015 , our school has issued the "Implementation Plan for Teachers' Pairing and Assistance Work at the Great Wall College of China University of Geosciences". With the strong support of the school leaders, our school teachers have actively participated and have accumulated more than 100 pairs of support, including new and old teachers. More than two hundred people. Pairing and helping both sides are the young teachers and key teachers introduced by our school in the past year. These teachers form a pair of helping pairs through two-way selection according to the discipline and specialty, and sign a helping agreement. 6 对具有代表性的教师参加第二届教师结对帮扶评比大赛。 On the basis of summing up the first teacher pairing and assisting competition, six pairs of representative teachers from each secondary college (department) were finally selected to participate in the second teacher pairing and assisting competition. They are Sun Liu and Li Yahong from the School of Foreign Languages; Zhuang Lei and Dong Shuzhan from the School of Management Science and Engineering; Ji Wentao and Zhang Guoyi from the School of Earth Sciences and Resources; Qin Ying and Li Jianxun from the School of Engineering and Technology; Li Xue and Li Hongwei from the School of Economics; Basic Courses Zhang Wenyan and Zheng Meijing.

1. 帮扶教师进行帮扶成果介绍( 10 分钟)帮扶教师和被帮扶教师对帮扶过程、效果等各进行 5 分钟的汇报。 There are three links in this competition: 1. Helping teachers to introduce the results of assistance ( 10 minutes) The assisting teachers and assisted teachers will report on the assistance process and effect for 5 minutes each . 被帮扶教师进行心得分享和课堂教学展示( 10 分钟)。 2. Teachers assisted to share experiences and display classroom teaching ( 10 minutes). 评审专家提问环节( 5 分钟)。 3. Questions for review experts ( 5 minutes).

During the competition, the assisting teacher and the assisted teacher recalled the experience of assisting the pair in guiding and learning. Through activities such as studying together, listening to each other, and instructing and correcting homework, they jointly discuss and study the problems encountered in teaching, find solutions to the problems, and continuously improve and improve the teaching methods of the classroom. To continuously improve their business literacy. Helping teachers analyze and summarize the teachers in terms of textbook research, preparing lessons, preparing lesson plans, homework corrections, propositions, speaking lessons, evaluating lessons, listening to lessons, and training teachers' morals, etc., and point out the advantages and disadvantages and future needs. Ways of improvement. PPT 、板书等形式,为大家进行了课堂教学展示。 The assisted teachers shared their experiences in the assistance process, and then they showed the classroom teaching for everyone through PPT , blackboard writing and other forms. Finally, the expert judges made wonderful comments on the pairing and helping teachers.

6 对教师,每对教师都是帮扶队伍中优秀的代表,各具特色、各有成果。 Each of the 6 pairs of teachers participating in this competition is an excellent representative of the support team, each with its own characteristics and achievements. Teaching assistance is a win-win job, not only benefited by helping teachers, but also helping teachers improve their abilities in the mentoring process.

师徒结对、以老带新、以新促老、共同提高 的目标,带动了全校教师教育教学水平和科研能力的快速提升,为我校打造卓越的教师团队奠定了坚实的基础。 Teacher pairing work is an important strategic measure in the education and teaching reform of our school. In the pairing support work, key teachers have fully played the leading role of outstanding teachers, helping young teachers adapt to education and teaching work as soon as possible and master the advanced Education ideas and teaching methods to promote the growth of young teachers as soon as possible, to achieve the goal of " teacher-apprentice pairing, old to bring new, old to promote old, and improve together " of the teaching team , which has promoted the rapid improvement of the teaching and scientific research ability , Which has laid a solid foundation for our school to build an outstanding team of teachers.

(2019 Summer Training) Using Old and New Pairs to Help Create an Outstanding Teacher Team-Our School Holds the Second Teacher Pairing and Helping Effect Check Competition

Professor Dong Shuzhan from the School of Management Science and Engineering

(2019 Summer Training) Using Old and New Pairs to Help Create an Outstanding Teacher Team-Our School Holds the Second Teacher Pairing and Helping Effect Check Competition

              Prof. Dong Shuzhan's help object: Teacher Zhuang Lei, School of Management Science and Engineering


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