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(2019 Summer Training) Don't forget the original intentions to move forward-the summer teacher training ends perfectly
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Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Stride Forward-Summer Teacher Training Ends Perfectly

In July, interpretation and aspirations are interpreted. The annual summer teacher training is an important platform for our school's cohesion and a spiritual baptism for all teachers. At 2 pm on July 12, our school held the 2019 Summer Teacher Training Summary Conference in the No. 1 Education 211 lecture hall. The meeting was hosted by our school's executive vice-president Yu Yibo. Teaching consultant Sun Hanwen, executive principal Zhang Wei, deputy principal Shao Zhenhe, Han Mengjin, dean of the secondary college (department) and all teachers from our school attended.

Recalling the past

Vice President Yu Yibo said that this year's summer training coincided with the development of a special historical node in our school. The school completed the transfer of an independent college. Baoding Institute of Technology flourished from the deep accumulation of the Great Wall College of China University of Geosciences. Ushering in new development opportunities.

In order to meet the school's strategic development goals, the systematic training of full-time teachers in our school began in the summer of 2013 and has taken 6 years to date. The school has carried out multi-thematic training activities from the aspects of teacher construction, curriculum construction, and integration of production and education. It has truly achieved the training work serving teachers, serving teaching, and serving the school's development. The reason why they persist for a long time and continue to do so in the future is because teachers are willing to cope with the new challenges in education and teaching. .

See how far ahead

This semester, through random interviews, spontaneous recordings, and other forms, collected some of the students' words to the teacher, and recorded them into small videos. In the video, each student mentioned the good teacher in their minds. The teachers' untiring attitude and silent dedication made the students touched. Each sentence at the end of the video, "Teacher, you have worked hard!" "Teacher, I love you!" Each teacher was immersed in his own classroom teaching and was moved. The affirmation and encouragement of the students gave the teachers an impetus to work hard.

Afterwards, the teacher representatives of the secondary colleges (departments) shared their exchanges on the summer training and combined with their actual conditions. Liu Guangyong, a teacher from the School of Economics, said that the five-day training life felt a lot for him. He has benefited from the professionalism, diligence and rigorous work style of the training experts, the self-growth of young teachers in the course recording, and the exchange of experience in teacher pairing assistance.

Song Zhe, a teacher of the School of Management Science and Engineering, said that through training, he deeply realized that as a teacher, he must continue to learn and actively update his knowledge. The traditional "teacher-centered, two chalks and one mouth" teaching model can no longer adapt to the new curriculum "active, inquiring, and cooperative" learning method. Teachers should keep pace with the times, adapt to the development of the times, and do their own Role positioning, making full use of the network environment, strengthening the study and improvement of their theoretical literacy and professional skills, stimulating students' thirst for knowledge, improving their practical ability, cultivating their innovative spirit, and also paying attention to their own ethics and personality Shaping and reflecting on teaching practice, all starting from the actual situation, and effectively shouldering the responsibilities and duties that teachers should fulfill.

Teacher Feng Juan from the School of Engineering and Technology said that this training is a valuable charging opportunity. How to further improve the level of education and teaching and research ability is the most realistic issue facing each teacher. Teacher training not only provides teachers with the opportunity to learn again and improve, but also allows everyone to come together to communicate with each other, learn together, learn from each other, and improve together.

Looking forward to the future

After the sharing, Professor Sun Hanwen, the group's education and teaching consultant, gave a speech on the training. He fully affirmed this training. The training carefully organized by the school for the teachers is novel and targeted, which is beneficial to strengthening the construction of our school's teaching staff. I believe that Baoding Institute of Technology will be better and better.

Finally, Professor Zhang Wei, Executive Principal of our school, combined with the overall situation of the training, made a summary and made relevant requirements. Principal Zhang said that the five-day teacher training was thoughtful and well-organized; the focus was prominent and the theme was clear; the content was rich and the forms were diverse; the attitude was serious and the study style was correct. In addition, President Zhang put forward three specific requirements: first, we must be familiar with the duties of teachers and remember the sacred mission; secondly, we must not only serve the impact of objective reasons, but also eliminate the stubborn factors of subjective factors; thirdly, we must Sailing in good times and sailing in adversity.

Teacher training in our school carries multiple tasks such as advancing education and teaching management, strengthening the construction of teaching staff, and improving the level of teaching and scientific research. It is also an important measure to enhance overall strength and pursue leapfrog development. The ultimate goal of training is to improve the quality of education and teaching. In addition, our university's applied undergraduate education closely focuses on student needs and training, teacher development and service, and defines "sex" in the industry, "direction" in application, and "grid" in characteristics. In the process of promoting implementation , Firm conviction, abide by the principles, "open the road to the mountains, bridge over the water", work together and persevere. All teachers should apply the fruits of the training to practice, deepen their potential, practice their internal skills, internally train their souls, and externally shape their models. They will not forget their original intentions and move forward, and together draw a blueprint for education. Let our school's education and teaching cause shine!

(2019 Summer Training) Don't Forget Your Original Intentions, Strive Forward-Summer Teacher Training Ends Perfectly

Executive Vice President Yu Yibo chaired the meeting

(2019 Summer Training) Don't Forget Your Original Intentions, Strive Forward-Summer Teacher Training Ends Perfectly

Teacher Liu Guangyong shared his speech

(2019 Summer Training) Don't Forget Your Original Intentions, Strive Forward-Summer Teacher Training Ends Perfectly





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