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    College News
  • Love Helps the Orphans and Disabled Love Manchurian Welfare Home ----- Xingtang County Children's Welfare Home sends a banner to build a love education base

    Article guide: At 10:00 on December 26, Zhao Shuming, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Tangxian County, and Liu Hu, the dean of the Children Welfare Institute, drove to our school and embroidered one side with the words "Love Helps the Orphans and the Disabled, and the Love Institution The big red pennant was presented to the School of Arts and Foreign Languages. Party Secretary Wang Jingming and leaders of the School of Arts and Foreign Languages participated in the event. first......
  • Cha Fenghua Zhengmao Promotes the Role of Models-Student Work Commendation Conference 2019

    Article guide: 2019 is a year full of hope and harvest. The majority of students in our school study hard, study hard, and a group of high ideological quality, excellent grades, courage to practice, forge ahead, and individuals are emerging. In order to recognize excellence, set an example, and inspire advanced, continue to form a good atmosphere of striving for excellence among the majority of students, further ...
  • Our school held a 2020 laboratory construction project demonstration meeting

    Article guide: At 8:00 am on December 25, 2019, the demonstration meeting of our laboratory construction project in 2020 was held in the conference room on the second floor of the administrative building. Principal Yu Zhebo. Executive principal Zhang Wei and other experts of the teaching steering committee, experts in charge of the Finance Department, Assets Department and Modern Education Technology Center, deans of all secondary colleges and the person in charge of the project ...
  • Our school held the 2018 annual scientific research project review meeting

    Article guide: At 8:00 on the morning of December 18, 2019, our school's 2018 school-level scientific research project evaluation review meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the administrative building. The experts who participated in the evaluation of the conference were the principals Yu Bo, Zhang Wei and other academic committee members. The meeting was chaired by Tian Zhiyuan, director of the Academic Affairs Office. First of all, Director Tian's report on our school's 2018 school ...
  • Promote teaching reform and improve course quality

    Article guide: (Reporter Huang Wenhui, Wang Rui, Wang Guoqing, Guo Jiayuan) At 09:00 on December 17, our school held the "External School Experts Review Meeting of Baoding Institute of Technology" in the Academic Lecture Hall. The meeting was attended by Vice President Gao Baojia of Hebei Agricultural University, Professor Yuan Yingchun of the School of Information, Professor Liu Guofeng of the School of Economics and Management, and Professor Wen Hongda of the School of Land and Resources ...
  • Volunteering in the West Dedicated to a New Era-College Students Volunteer Service in the West Plan Winter Tour and Preaching Activities

    Article guide: "Working with the people, advancing with the motherland, serving the people and dedicating the motherland is the right direction for contemporary Chinese youth." This is General Secretary Xi Jinping's cordial care and earnest expectations for the majority of young volunteers. In the morning of December 11th, in 2019, college students volunteered to serve the western region and served Xinjiang's special outstanding volunteers ...
  • Our school held a counselor quality development activity

    Article guide: (Reporter Li Jingxuan, Huang Wenhui, Pei Xuying, Liang Jiawei, Liu Zhiyan, Zuo Haizhi, Zhuang Bingyang, Li Tianci) On December 5th at 15:00, with the support and leadership of the school leaders, the quality of the counselors hosted by the College Student Mental Health Center was expanded The event was held in the second comprehensive building. Executive principal Zhang Wei, deputy principal Shao Zhenhe, director of the School of Engineering Liu Guanglei, deputy ...
  • Our school holds the 2019 annual awards ceremony for teaching, scientific research and competitions

    Article guide: At 14:00 on December 4, 2019, our school's 2019 teaching, scientific research and competition commendation conference was held in the academic lecture hall. Present at the meeting were the principals Yu Yibo, Zhang Wei, Han Mengjin, Shao Zhenhe, teaching consultant Gao Baojia, leaders of all secondary colleges and all teaching staff. The meeting was chaired by Tian Zhiyuan, director of the Academic Affairs Office. ...
  • Our school organized all party members to watch the lecture report on the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee

    Article guide: (Reporter Li Jingxuan, Yang Bowei, Hu Siyu, Zhang Haiyang, Xin Zeyu, Sun Yi, Lu Jiayi, Zhang Shuang and Guo Jiayuan) On November 27th, at 16:00, our school organized a lecture in the Academic Lecture Hall to watch the report of the 19th Fourth Plenary Session of the Central Conference Group There were more than 300 party leaders and party members participating in the event. First of all, Deputy Secretary Shao ...
  • The Provincial Department of Education specially visited our professional evaluation expert group to visit our school to inspect and evaluate the work

    Article guide: At 9 am on November 21st, the Hebei Provincial Department of Education specially received a member of the expert evaluation expert group of the professional delegation. A group of 11 people came here under the leadership of Wen Fengbo, deputy director of the Student Office of the Provincial Department of Education, and was led by investigator Wu Zhongli. Nine of our school's inspection and review specialize in this professional work. Zhou Huzhen, Chairman of Baoding Institute of Technology, Zhang Wei, Executive Principal, Wang Jingming, Secretary of the Party Committee ...
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