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    College announcement
  • Welcome to our 2007 postcard and greeting card sample

    Article guide: China University of Geosciences Great Wall College Postcard 01 China University of Geosciences Great Wall College Postcard 02 China University of Geosciences Great Wall College Postcard 03 China University of Geosciences Great Wall College Postcard Back of China University of Geosciences Great Wall College Greeting Card China Geology University Great Wall College Greeting Card Inner Geology .. ....
  • Library opening time

    Article guide: In order to facilitate readers to make full use of the library's literature and information resources, the opening time of the library is adjusted as follows, and readers are urged to abide by the opening time. Circulation Department on the first floor Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 8:00 am to 12:00 Tuesday morning: Library regular meetings, business studies Monday to Thursday: 14:00 to 18:00 weeks ..... .
  • Notice about the mid-term examination arrangement

    Article guide: various places (rooms), departments (departments), centers, and libraries: In order to comprehensively check the teaching quality of teachers and students' learning effects, according to the teaching plan of this semester, the Academic Affairs Office will organize on November 11-12 Take mid-term exams for four courses including College English One, Intensive Reading One, Advanced Mathematics One, and Calculus One ...
  • Anti-virus announcement

    Article Guide: Recently, Microsoft PowerPoint remote code execution vulnerability (vulnerability described in Microsoft Security Warning 925984) appeared, which affects Microsoft PowerPoint2000 and above versions of Microsoft's electronic presentation tool. Microsoft PowerPoint is a very popular electronic presentation tool. ...
  • Notice on Holding the First Campus Computer Skills Competition of Great Wall College

    Article guide: In order to enrich the second classroom activities of our students, improve our students 'ability and level in computer application, cultivate students' comprehensive quality and competitiveness, and then promote the development of our school's style of study activities and improve the quality of students , The first computer skills competition held in our hospital. I. Co-organizer: Modern Education Technology ...
  • Management Regulations of the Great Wall College of China University of Geosciences

    Article guide: In order to strengthen the organization and leadership of the school's on-duty work, to ensure the smooth communication between the college and the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Department of Education and various relevant units, to ensure the college's safety, stability and the smooth development of various tasks, this duty is specially formulated Management regulations, this regulation is now issued to you, please follow it. I. Duty Setting (I) Leaders of the Academy ...
  • Notice on National Day Holiday Arrangement

    Article guide: various offices, departments (departments), centers, museums, logistics groups: In accordance with national regulations on National Day holidays, combined with the actual situation of our hospital, the National Day holiday arrangements will be notified as follows: October 1-7 is the National Day holiday, of which October 1, 2, and 3 are national holidays; September 30, ...
  • Admissions Notes for Freshmen 2006

    Article guide: Dear new classmates: Congratulations on your admission to the Great Wall College of China University of Geosciences. Welcome to our college for further study! In order for students to report to the school smoothly, please read the "Admissions Notes" carefully, and make all preparations for admission as required. I. Check-in time 1. New students who are short of make up and hold the "Admission Notice ...
  • Announcement of the completion of the gap at the Great Wall College of China University of Geosciences in 2006

    Article guide: In accordance with the spirit of the Hebei Provincial Admissions Committee's "Notice on Recruitment of Volunteers for General Colleges and Universities in 2006", the announcement of our college's supplementary vacancies in 2006 is as follows: 1. Schedule 1, September 13 , The counties (cities, districts) admissions office designated candidates to meet the requirements of the campus online reporting requirements to organize candidates ...
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