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2019 admissions charter [July 16, 2019]
Notice of the Great Wall College of China University of Geosciences on Adjusting Tuition for Undergraduate Programs in 2018 [July 17, 2018]
2018 admissions regulations [June 08, 2018]
Exam candidates' mentality analysis and adjustment suggestions [April 20, 2017]
Keeping these in mind makes it easier for you to prepare for your senior year [September 26, 2016]
2017 college entrance examination round review beware of these misunderstandings [September 26, 2016]
Charges [2016-06-04]
Interim Measures for Dealing with Illegal Behaviors in Enrollment of General Colleges and Universities [July 13, 2014]
Ministry of Education cracks down on fake qualifications for college entrance examination [2014 July 01]
Jiangxi College Entrance Examination Volunteer Report Deadline at 6 PM on July 2 [June 30, 2014]
Guidance for filling in the voluntary requirements issuance Guidance for candidates of the college entrance examination in Hebei [June 28, 2014]
2014 College Entrance Examination Application Guidelines [June 27, 2014]
Summary of the time and methods for the 2014 college entrance examination volunteers across the country [May 28, 2014]
Shanghai 2014 General College Admission Candidates Fill in the Volunteer Form and Enter Volunteer Information [May 14, 2014]
Gansu 2014 College Entrance Examination Application Guide Coming Soon [May 13, 2014]
2014 Beijing High Enrollment Volunteer Report to Begin on May 12, 800 [May 12, 2014]
Severe college entrance examination fraud leader sits on radio in Guangdong [May 9, 2014]
Beijing's college entrance examination students will volunteer for the undergraduate batch on the 12th [May 08, 2014]
Parallel volunteering also has risks, it is best to obey professional adjustments [May 06, 2014]
Six ways to tell if the offer is true or false [2014 April 22]
The latest version of contact information [2014, April 21]
Admission time of each batch in Hebei [July 28, 2013]
Voluntary notes for online college entrance examination in 2013 [July 27, 2013]
Due to disobedience of professional transfers, candidates in Yunnan have dropped back more than in previous years [July 21, 2013]
Explanation of the Second Volunteer Enrollment Plan for General Colleges and Universities in Hebei Province in 2013 [July 16, 2013]
Hard and simple, seeking truth and being pragmatic [2013 June 04]
How to understand "parallel volunteering"? [May 18, 2013]
Volunteer in parallel, order the most important Hebei [2013 April 23]
Do parallel volunteers have to report compliance with professional transfers? [2013 April 18]
What does "Do you obey the adjustment" in the college entrance examination voluntary form mean? [2013 April 18]
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