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Vigorous, queue competition
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On April 11, 2018, the first "colleague competition" of the Engineering Department organized by the Discipline Inspection Department of the Student Union of the Engineering Technology Department was held in the basketball court on the northwest side of the playground. Mr. Zhu Changbin, Secretary of the General Branch of the Engineering Technology Department, and outstanding team leaders and leaders of each team came to this event.

Vigorous, queue competition

Along with the bright sunshine, under the host ’s impassioned commentary, the long-awaited queue has begun, and all the teams in the engineering school are assembled and ready to go. The moderator announced the official start of the ceremony and various classes appeared one after another. First of all, we ushered in a queue performance of the third class of the mechanism. The neat and steady pace reflects that they are a united and loving class group. The strong slogan of the second class of civil engineering lets us see the vibrant youth of the engineering department; The close cooperation with the class members also made us see that the third class of the mechanism attaches great importance to this activity ... The energetic engineering males are all assembled and displayed.

The performance of each class queue is completed, and the guests present will rank the participating classes according to the scores in a pleasant singing voice. The class that won the first prize of the queue performance is the third mechanism class; the second prize class is the second civil engineering class and the first class of the Internet of Things; the third prize class is the fourth mechanical class, the third electrical class and the fourth electrical class. Finally, Mr. Zhu Changbin, the secretary of the regiment branch, commented on the competition. Afterwards, the guests and the monitors of the classes took a group photo to take a picture.

The performance of the queue performance not only showed the spirit and spirit of the energetic and motivated engineering boys, but also highlighted the remarkable results and outstanding achievements of our school's militarized management, and added a lot of glory to the rich university life.

Vigorous, queue competition

(Author: Engineering and Technology Wang Qing Wang Dan)

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