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National entrepreneurship
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Innovation for all, entrepreneurship for all
——Successfully held "Second Lesson of Entrepreneurship Sharing Class"
In order to further improve the employment and entrepreneurship ability of college students and give them the correct perspective and guidance on employment and entrepreneurship, at 6:30 pm on September 20, 2019, the Baoding Institute of Technology College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Federation successfully held the second class of the "Entrepreneurship Sharing Class" "activity. Guests invited at this event are: General Manager of Beijing Yituo Wuyou Information Technology Co., Ltd., Lecturer in E-commerce Integrated Marketing Training, Lecturer at Taobao University, Teacher Liu Jiling, Vice President of Baoding University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Federation, and General Manager of Jingxiu Innovation Base Teacher Ma Yingxiang.

National entrepreneurship

First, Mr. Liu introduced his entrepreneurial journey to the students. He shared the development status of e-commerce for his classmates, and introduced the operation modes of e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and JD. Next, Mr. Liu introduced the different professions of e-commerce and the process of opening an e-commerce to the students, and analyzed the respective characteristics of different professions for the students, and shared the professional qualities that college students need to start a business and how to choose a suitable company. Finally, Mr. Liu answered the doubts of the students in the form of humor. His inspiring speech and rich life experience brought not only the guidance to entrepreneurs, but also the attitude towards life and the focus of our learning at the moment. Inspiration of development direction.

National entrepreneurship

Students at this event have learned a lot about how to get a job and future career directions. This not only helps students in career planning and choice, but also points out the direction of future life, so that students have new ideas and feelings, seize the opportunity and direction for their success. To lay the foundation for future entrepreneurship.
(Reporter Liu Jiaming Zou Yuan)

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