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    Public announcement of the 2019 excellent graduation thesis (design) and the results of the selection of outstanding instructors
    [College] announcement Joined: Source June 26, 2019: original Author: dwxcb views:

    In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice on Carrying Out the Excellent Graduation Thesis (Design) and Excellent Supervisor Selection in 2019" and the "Notice on the Re-evaluation of Excellent Graduation Thesis in 2019", reviewed by various professional experts, recommended by secondary schools, and reviewed by the Academic Affairs Office It was confirmed that the graduation thesis (design) of 21 classmates such as Hou Sibo was rated as the excellent graduation thesis (design) of the school, and their corresponding instructors, such as Li Jianxun, were rated as excellent instructors. The list is now public.

    Attachment 1: "Excellent Graduation Thesis (Design) and Excellent

    List of instructors

    Publicity time: 12:00 on June 27, 2019 to 12:00 on July 4.

    During the publicity period, if you have any objections, please contact the Teaching Practice Section of the Academic Affairs Office.

    Contact as below:

    Phone: 2195520

    Contact: Liang Yunfeng

    Office Address: Room 306, Administration Building

    Attachment 1: "Announcement List of Outstanding Graduation Thesis (Design) and Outstanding Instructors of Class of 2019"

    Serial number

    Graduation thesis (design) title


    Author Major

    author name



    Humanoid hand-drawn machine system design

    School of Engineering and Technology

    Electrical Engineering and Automation

    Hou Sibo

    Li Jianxun


    PLC的地铁屏蔽门控制系统的设计与实现 Design and implementation of PLC shielded gate control system based on PLC

    School of Engineering and Technology

    Electrical Engineering and Automation

    Zhang Wei

    Jiang Yiran


    1号住宅楼土建施工图预算 Civil construction plan budget of No. 1 residential building in Chaohui District, Baoding

    School of Engineering and Technology

    civil Engineering

    Zhao Jiahui

    Zhang Hongquan


    Android系统的智能镜子的设计研究 Design and Research of Smart Mirror Based on Android System

    School of Engineering and Technology

    IoT Engineering

    Jing Yanwei

    Zhai Weifang


    Beijing Yujing "Ink Painting and Floating" Hot Spring Club Scheme Design

    Art school

    Environmental design

    Zhang Jianxin

    Ran Ying


    W & L.bar interior design

    Art school

    Environmental design

    Faye Wong

    Zhou Jian and Dong Sen


    Stylistic Features of Business English Letters

    Foreign Language School


    Zhang Bin

    Li Yahong


    Research on Operation Management of Information System of Oasis Qiandao Company

    School of Management Science and Engineering

    Information management and information system

    Zhang Xiaohui

    Zhu Xiaohui


    Research on Marketing Strategy Problems and Countermeasures in Baoding

    School of Management Science and Engineering

    Business management

    Wu Jiefeng

    Zhang Nan


    Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Enterprise Working Capital Management

    ——Since Electric Technology as an example

    School of Management Science and Engineering

    Financial Management

    Wang Xiaotong

    Wang Pei


    Jinfeng Huafu Building B Building 7 Quotation List

    School of Management Science and Engineering

    Engineering Management

    Wan Jinlei

    Feng Xueying


    Research on Hebei Huicong Environmental Protection Equipment Company's Network Marketing Strategy

    School of Management Science and Engineering


    Jiang Changmei

    Wang Xiaoli


    Research on Changjiu Company's Earnings Management

    School of Economics


    Wang Xin

    Xu Zheng


    Analysis of Optimized Financial Process Based on RPA Technology

    ——Take Leiman International as an example

    School of Economics


    Gong Siqian

    Zhou Shaoyan


    Research on the Reform of Rural Credit Cooperatives in Hebei Province

    School of Economics


    Shao Panpan

    Gao Xiangxiao


    Analysis of Influential Factors of Agricultural Economic Development in Chengde

    School of Economics


    Zhang Yong

    Liu Guangyong


    SWOT Study on China's High-speed Rail Exports

    School of Economics

    international economy and trading

    Chen Yufan

    Xue Fang


    Design of Exam Question Bank Structure for Great Wall College Laboratory

    School of Earth Sciences and Resources

    Safety Engineering

    Li Yan

    Sun Pengjuan


    The comparison of cloisonné and Japanese enamel craftsmanship and their use in jewelry design


    School of Earth Sciences and Resources

    Gems & Materials Technology

    Ren Qingrui

    Fu Fangfang


    Study on Land Use Change in Heicheng Township, Lincheng County, Hebei Province

    School of Earth Sciences and Resources

    Land resource management

    Zhao Liuyang

    Liu Chenchen

    twenty one

    Sedimentary environment analysis of C15, B10 coal seam and its adjacent layer in Xieyi Coal Mine, Huainan City

    School of Earth Sciences and Resources


    Ren Songlin

    Xue Yuanyuan