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    Heyang Group General Office Director Recruitment Regulations
    [College] announcement Joined: Source October 22, 2019: original Author: admin views:

    I. Qualifications:

    1. 30-45 years old, good image temperament (men's height is more than 1.75 meters, women's height is more than 1.60 meters, shapely);

    2. Bachelor degree or above, related majors in business administration, administration, etc .;

    3. More than 5 years of administrative management work experience, those with large group administrative management work experience are preferred;

    4. Familiar with office software and OA office system; familiar with file management and document processing;

    5. Strong writing ability and strong communication and language skills;

    6. Familiar with social etiquette, good public relations coordination ability; able to withstand greater work pressure;

    7. Familiar with the construction of administrative management system and system, and with national laws and regulations.

    Second, salary

    1. Monthly salary of 6000-9000 yuan

    2. Five insurances and one fund, commuter shuttle, free lunch

    Job responsibilities

    1. Preside over the overall work of the general office, and vertically lead the general offices of the colleges and universities to which the collective belongs;

    2. System construction and document review: Responsible for the construction, compilation and arrangement of the company's administrative management related systems, and provide timely revision opinions in accordance with the company's development; review various documents issued by the company, and approve various documents, notices and minutes issued by the office ;

    3. Conference management and event organization: Responsible for establishing the company's conference management system, and follow-up and supervision of various contents of the meeting minutes, timely report the problems encountered and solutions to the executive director; responsible for the division of labor for the group's large-scale events Inspection and acceptance

    4. Coordination work: Coordinate the work between the various departments of the company, between the company's various departments and colleges, and between the colleges and universities, and effectively promote the work plan;

    5. Reception work: assist the Chief Executive Officer in receiving foreign affairs and properly handle various foreign affairs;

    6. Responsible for the group's logistical guarantee, reimbursement expense review, material acquisition and vehicle management.

    7. Responsible for the management, scheduling and study guidance, assessment and training of interns.

    8. Other tasks assigned by the leader.

    Contact: Director Wang

    Phone: 0312-2195681, 15631251568

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